Get Your First 1000 Subscribers with Jenny Shih

How to get 1000 subscribers in just six months—so you can sell out your 1-1 services, group programs, online courses, and digital products.

You’re an online business owner with big goals. You’ve narrowed in on your ideal client, you know you have a skill that can help people, and you’re ready to dedicate time to building your business.

You want to…

  • Fill your roster and a waiting list for your one-on-one services
  • Launch and sell out an online course
  • Fill a group program or retreat
  • Sell an evergreen product over and over—even when you’re on vacation

The only thing standing in your way?

Your itsy bitsy email list.

Without a profitable pipeline of engaged prospects, you’re finding it impossible to sell your offers and earn a full-time income from your business.

You know that having an incredibly successful online business hinges on attracting a steady stream of engaged subscribers—a slow trickle just won’t cut it.

That’s why you’re ready to make list-building a priority.

And you’re smart to make your email list the foundation of your business.

More than half of those surveyed in the U.S. check their personal email account more than 10 times a day.

And 60% prefer email from companies they’re interested in doing business with.


Your email list is the lifeblood of a sustainable, profitable online business, but deep down you’re not sure how to attract all those subscribers.

Maybe you’re just starting your business and you feel completely lost when it comes to finding your perfect prospects online.

Maybe you dedicated time to growing your email list in the past, only to feel utterly confused and overwhelmed by all the moving pieces.

Maybe you successfully grew your email list to a healthy size and have been so busy serving clients that the momentum fizzled out and you need to revive your list.

No matter which stage of business you’re in, you want to attract a steady flow of prospects who are eager to hear from you—and buy from you!

But you haven’t quite figured out how to grow your email list reliably and consistently.

You wish someone would tell you exactly which steps to take—and the exact order to take them in—so you can build your list faster and without fail.

You’re looking for someone to walk you through the list-building process, step by step, and answer your questions, like…

What should I focus on first?

Is there a secret to ensuring my opt-in offer will get the right people to sign up?

Should I be blogging for my own site? Guest blogging on other sites? Both?

How am I supposed to promote myself on social media without sounding like a broken record?

How often should I send a newsletter to my list (and what should I say in it)?

And, perhaps the biggest question of all…

Will all this hard work actually pay off?

After all, growing an email list takes time, dedication, and putting yourself out there.

But here’s the thing:

You don’t need to work tirelessly to build up a mega-huge email list.

You can build a profitable list of 1000 subscribers in as little as six months.

Even better? Having 1000 subscribers makes it easier to fill your client roster and put money in your bank account—without the constant hustle.

Did you know that with a list of 1000 loyal subscribers, you can build your revenue to $100,000?

The rule of thumb is that if you primarily sell high-end, one-on-one services, you can make about $1000 per 100 people on your list.

Imagine how much your business (and life!) would change if you were making six figures from 1000 subscribers.

You’ll have the power and freedom to…

  • Promote your services and online offers to a hungry, engaged list of adoring subscribers who are eager to pay you for your help and expertise
  • Make a bigger impact and spread your important message to more people who are ready to hear it
  • Experiment with new and easier ways to make money, including course building and joint ventures
  • Have a strong foundation that sets your business up for a steady, consistent cash flow over the long term so you can end the constant worry over money
  • Reduce stress and enjoy running an incredibly successful business so each day is what you dreamt owning a business would be.
Yes, you can get there—and faster than you think.

When I launched my website, my #1 goal was growing my list—and fast. I had quit my six-figure corporate job and had just a little left in savings to pay the bills.

Checking my bank balance made my gut wrench, and not just because there was so little money left. I knew that if it hit zero, I’d have to crawl back to the cubicle I so eagerly left.

That left me with one option: I had to make my business work.

List-building was my last-ditch effort before returning to corporate servitude. I sought resources that would tell me exactly what to do, but everything was so theoretical. I wanted specifics!

On my own, I tested all sorts of list-building ideas.

After making many mistakes and having some huge wins, I grew my list from zero to 1000 in just 6 months.

The best part was that getting 1000 subscribers also grew my bottom line. I was making money, and the thought of returning to a job began to disappear.

When I looked back at what actually worked, I saw that it wasn’t magic. It wasn’t complicated. It wasn’t even that time-consuming (only a few hours here and there).

I just did 5 things consistently to get to 1000. The best part was, those 5 things also brought me a steady stream of new clients.

Once I realized this, I knew what I had to do: Create the resource that would have saved me TONS of time, energy and guesswork when I was just beginning. And that’s exactly what I did.

It’s true that a growing email list is a sign of a healthy, profitable business.

And you CAN get there. You simply need a clear, actionable strategy.

“I had been guest posting my butt off with marginal results...and I got 75 signups in ONE DAY (and over 150 in the course of the week)...the more you keep plugging away, you will see results!”


This actionable program teaches you the exact 5-step method that grew my list to 1000 subscribers in just six months—even if you’re starting at zero.

Get Your First 1000 Subscribers® can help you take back control of your business. You won’t just gain the know-how to grow your list to 1000; you’ll be able to expand your list (and your business) as big as you like.

You’ll learn how to use your email list to build trust, nurture prospects, and convert leads consistently and reliably.

You’ll also learn my favorite free methods to increase traffic to your website and ensure you’re building a list of highly qualified subscribers—meaning they’re eager to hire you.

Best of all, this program breaks down the entire process of engaging subscribers into an exact plan. So it’s Clear. Easy. Doable.

Hundreds of other business owners have shared your struggle to build a business they love. And they’ve used Get Your First 1000 Subscribers® to reach their list building goals and live the life they wanted.

Everything you get

Get Your First 1000 Subscribers® is broken down into 5 training modules. Each module includes a video recording, transcript, and worksheets that walk you through a different strategy to attract the right clients — and turn them into delighted subscribers.

And, since sometimes you really just need someone to do it for you, you’ll also get your hands-on, word-for-word, “Steal This” templates so you’re not left wondering if you did it right. You’ll know you did.

When you buy Get Your First 1000 Subscribers®, you’ll get immediate access to the entire system to take you from wondering if your business matters, to signing up 1000 people who know it does.


  • How to develop a free opt-in offer your ideal customer will go bonkers for
  • Exactly what to do to promote your opt-in and nurture relationships with your avalanche of new subscribers
  • The number one way to get people to subscribe to your list
  • Two simple things you can do to convert new subscribers into paying customers
  • The mistakes you must avoid when creating your free offer if you want to grow your list


  • The one step you can take right now to grow your list even if you don’t have a website yet
  • 19 simple, free, low effort places and ways to grow your list once you have your freebie
  • The simple, free method for getting others to talk about your list for you
  • The mistakes you must avoid when telling the world about your free offer so you don’t look like a jerk


  • Why guest posting and podcast interviews are one of the easiest, free ways to get your name in front of a huge audience of your target market
  • Sleuthing tricks that will help you choose the best places to pitch your posts and interviews
  • The two things you must include if you want to use guest posting or podcast interviews to grow your list
  • The “must ask” questions that will make you look like a pro even with your very first guest post or interview
  • The ten mistakes you must avoid if you want to successfully grow your list with guest posting and interviews


  • The exact steps to planning and hosting your free call or webinar
  • How to get tons of people to sign up for your free call, even if you’re a newbie
  • How to leverage free calls for getting paid clients and customers without any icky sales tactics
  • Seven free call mistakes you must avoid when hosting free calls if you want to build your list


  • Five easy places to advertise online
  • The one strategy that got me 200 new subscribers almost instantly
  • The downsides to using paid advertising to grow your list
  • Six advertising mistakes you must avoid so you don’t waste time or blow your budget

Or choose the payment plan on checkout

Plus, receive these bonuses

Get Your First 1000 Subscribers® delivers plenty of bonuses to keep you on track. You’ll get all the inspiration, answers, and support you need to generate a list of 1000 admiring fans.


There are countless online resources that help with list building, but wading through them all on your own can be overwhelming. I cut through the BS and give you my top recommendations for website plugins, newsletter services, reliable file hosting services, beautiful (often free) graphics, and more.


Ever been confused by the list-building terminology?

You’re not alone!

The double and triple meanings of some words can be maddening. If you’re not sure what CAN-SPAM, email marketing, autoresponder, list segmentation, or double-confirmation (among other words) mean, I’ll break it down for you. You’ll be up on the lingo and never confused again.

Get Your First 1000 Subscribers® also provides easy-to-digest cheat sheets to solve your problems without devoting your free time to being your own assistant.

No worries about being overwhelmed; Get Your First 1000 Subscribers® takes you through each detail of every stage. You only move on when you’re ready to add to what you’ve mastered.

And lastly:


Growing your email list will be a priority for the life of your business. That's why, unlike most online courses, you get lifetime access to Get Your First 1000 Subscribers®, including any updates we make to the program in the future.

Even better?

You can review the materials at your own pace.

While I recommend you stay focused and take consistent action, I also live in the real world and I know that life is full. So if you're juggling jobs, busy with kids, or struggling with a chronic illness, you'll love that with this program, you can't fall behind.

Are you ready to take action and start growing your email list?


Or choose the payment plan on checkout

“When I actually took the steps, I was instantly converted and saw the magic in the simple steps Jenny recommends... I got 500 new subscribers in one weekend and I also felt like I had this whole momentum that I didn’t have before.”

Owner, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


When you enroll now, you’ll get:

  • INSTANT ACCESS to Get 1000 Subscribers®, including all 5 modules, each with a new technique for building your list. Each module includes a video recording, transcript, “Steal This” templates, and more, so you can be sure you’re taking the exact right steps.
  • BONUS #1: Get my top recommendations for website plugins, newsletter services, reliable file hosting services, beautiful (often free) graphics, and more
  • BONUS #2: List-building glossary to end confusion once and for all
  • BONUS #3: Lifetime access to any updates we make to the program at no additional charge

And here’s the best part: the moment you begin building your list, you begin building your business.

Join TODAY to start building your list and your business right away. The faster you dive in, the faster you’ll have your dream business.

Or choose the payment plan on checkout

More rave reviews for Get Your First 1000 Subscribers®

“I had 376 new signups in the first two weeks.”

I created my free offer, "Overwhelm-Proof Your Business," where I provided a foolproof daily planner designed to kick overwhelm in the you-know-what.

As soon as I started to promote it I had new signups (376 in the first two weeks of putting it out there!). Even better? I offered a free call to a group of coaches that led to 4 new one-on-one clients. The best part is they truly are my dream clients... the kind I live to work with.

Founder of, Providence, RI

“I created a webinar series that led to my list doubling.”

I love that this is self-paced and I didn't have to feel bad about working through each module in my own time. Based on Jenny’s tips, I created a webinar series that lead to my list doubling, and I received some good feedback from fellow entrepreneurs. I was even invited to be a featured guest teacher in a programme, as well as a teleseminar expert interview!

This is the perfect program for you if you have a good foundation but haven't seen as much success as you’d like. The modules provide in-depth information, and the delivery in multiple formats helps with understanding and implementation. I'm looking forward to going back through the modules, and continuing to play with the webinars and free calls. I consider 1000 Subscribers a resource I'll come back to time and time again as I build my business.

Negotiation Consultant, Montreal, Quebec

“I increased my list—without a website!”

Jenny’s practical step-by-step guides make this course do-able (I love checklists!). Plus you can access all the information in different ways: videos, transcripts, and audio. I did a little bit of everything Jenny suggested: I got my freebie up, wrote some guest posts, hosted my first free call---and I have even dabbled in Facebook ads. I increased my list to 450 subscribers---all that without a website! I recommend this to new bloggers and entrepreneurs who want to build their tribe.

Transformational Nutrition Coach, Jakarta, Indonesia

“My list has grown from 0 to 192—and that’s only after the first 2 modules!”

Jenny’s advice is top-notch and unique. She offered ideas I haven’t heard before. Plus, she makes it easy to take action. I don't feel like I have to set aside a few weeks to do one step of the program.

I’ve gone through two modules and I already created my opt-in and I’m promoting it everywhere: on my site, Instagram, my email signature---even my business card. I expect this momentum to grow exponentially as I continue through the course.

Owner, The Pocketwatch, Wilmington, NC

“I wish I would have joined when I first started my business instead of getting distracted by the rest of the noise out there.”

Prior to the course, I had a few spikes in my list growth, but then periods where it didn't change at all. Since taking this course and starting to take list building more seriously, I have seen a steady growth each week.

This program is very straightforward. Each section has ALL the information that you need to take action. I love that it’s based on Jenny’s own experiences with list building and what worked for her. I recommend this course to business owners who are just starting out online.

Transformational Coach, Stony Plain, AB, Canada

“I LOVE having tools and ideas that feel aligned with my values and help me grow my list!”

This was a brilliant program, and I'm extremely glad I did it. I immediately benefited from the class. I have an action plan, and I know I'll actually grow my list. That feels good!

The material resonated for me at a deep level, and it also means that growing my list is well within my comfort zone. I love that!! I LOVED Jenny was very clear about her values when it comes to online communication. I felt totally comfortable with every single thing she suggested.

I'm right at the beginning of my online business journey, so the timing was perfect. I hoped to get knowledge that would boost my confidence and add to my growing toolkit of ideas and solutions. I also hoped to grow my skills so I could avoid wasting time on activities that don't work. I got all of this and more!

I know I need to market myself and my business, and I LOVE having tools and ideas that feel aligned with my values of integrity and transparency. Rock on!

Law of Attraction Coach, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

“Anyone can start growing their list immediately!”

Jenny, you made it simple. I loved the action planner because now I have a to-do list that I can take action on.

I also loved that you addressed barriers that get in the way (like not having a website) immediately. Too many entrepreneurs hold themselves back waiting for perfection so to demonstrate this from the get-go and give examples was great.

Social media specialist to small businesses, London, UK

“I’m completely blown away by the quality and substance of the program.”

I just had to write to tell you how incredibly grateful I am to you and the beyond-awesome services that you provide. It is head and shoulders above anything I’ve come across since I started wading into the online business world in January.

Jenny is mind-blowingly generous. Honestly, I have (naively) paid $3,000+ for much of the same information provided in 1000 Subscribers -- and Jenny's content kicks major ass and seriously puts all the other stuff out there to shame

Place Matchmaker, Washington, IA

“I love the specific examples to help drive home every point.”

This program was exactly what I needed! Even though I’ve heard of many of these ideas before, the specific examples and how-to’s that Jenny provided really drove the points home. I’m ready to take action and grow my list.

Founder and Fitness Coach, Washington, DC

“I can now grow my list in a way that feels authentic to me.”

I signed up for Jenny’s class because I am a new life coach and wanted to know what practical ways I could use to start and grow my list of peeps. That is exactly what I got. I can grow my list in a way that feels authentic to me.

It was a very well done class. It was easy to follow and I look forward to implementing my own action steps and growing my list

Life Coach, Fairbanks, AK

“I have a list of exactly what I need to do.”

The best part was that this class provided real examples and honest actions. There are so many sleazy-feeling tips, tricks, and courses of there for growing your list, and I was hoping this course would be different and more authentic. And it was!

This class reinforced that I am already on the right path, which I really needed to hear! In addition, I came away with a list of actions to implement.

I'm confident that with the actions I'm already taking, plus the new things I learned here, I'll be able to draw the right people to my list in a way that feels good to me.

Hippie, teacher, artist, and signal-booster, Buffalo, NY

“This class provides excellent real-world examples and doesn't hold back.”

Building a responsive list is such an important part of creating a thriving business. Jenny Shih has packed the basics of list-building into a format that is accessible and doable. She provides excellent real world examples and doesn't hold back. I am looking forward to getting started implementing her tips. Thanks for this great resource!

Ideapreneur™ + Marketing Director

“This program is great. It was exactly what I needed!”

The content was great and exactly what I needed and wanted. I also enjoyed the process - it felt authentic. I can tell you had fun creating the class, and when you said it was so much fun to create it, I believed you. You were you and I am more drawn in because of it.

I signed up because I want to grow my list with my people. I hoped to get easy strategies to make that happen and to have it all laid out for me so there were a few business decisions I didn't have to create and make. I got exactly what I wanted. Thanks for a great class--it was fun!

Certified Intuitive Eating Professional and Coach, Eugene, OR

“I'm no longer procrastinating - I'm getting closer to my dream!”

I signed up for Jenny's class to learn an effective way to make my work visible. I hoped to learn something very practical that would be easy to act upon right away. I am very pleased to say that is exactly what I received. Step by step instructions like those she gave in the Get Your First 1000 Subscribers class are helping me avoid procrastinating and are getting me closer to living a dream.

One of the things I really enjoy most is Jenny's approach. She has showed me practical, bite-sized steps to take to build a robust mailing list. Breaking down a task like that is something that I can do for others, but less so for myself, and Jenny made it look so easy! Also, I felt that the class was really enhanced by the grounded optimism in her manner of speaking and the wonderful way she shared ideas in a completely unpretentious way; a great mix in my book! Jenny's "can do" attitude is contagious in the best way!

I am so glad I found you, Jenny Shih!

Pittsburgh, PA

“This class was f&#%ing awesome!!”

I am looking for a way to get my work and writing out in the world. I was hoping for peaceful, good juju, and clear steps to take that wouldn't be completely overwhelming. I got them!! Thinking about the logistical parts of my business is not fun, so I worried that this class may be overwhelming or boring, but it wasn't!

The best part was Jenny's vibe. She's got a great, clean energy around this stuff and it inspires. It was a great, great, great program and I learned A LOT of things. It definitely made me feel better about the whole process and I LOVE the real life examples she provided. FANTASTIC!

Yoga Teacher, Laramie, WY

“I had new subscribers instantly!”

The class was amazing. I immediately implemented one of the ideas and had new subscribers instantly. I was unsure about whether this class would be different from what I've heard already, but Jenny put that to shame!

I signed up because I've just finished my new website and need to build my list - fast! I was hoping to get clear action steps, a gentle kick in the behind & tips on what I can do better/am not doing. And I got exactly that out of it - YAY! I now have a clear action plan with small steps, things I can implement right now. That's valuable to me because I know I'll do it!

Thanks for a very clear and actionable program!

Designer-Silversmith, Aarhus, Denmark

“This class was fantastic. I'm on fire!”

I LOVED the 1000 Subscribers class! This class was fantastic and wonderful. It really really helped me. It was so practical. I loved the action planner. I'm on fire today--so much to do and so inspired! - THANK YOU! I'm looking forward to getting 1000!

Personal Coach, Dax, France

“I am confident I can grow my list.”

I signed up for this class because I wanted to grow my subscriber list and that is what I learned how to do. The class was well organized and the process was broken down into very doable, easy to follow steps. I especially loved hearing Jenny's experience and the specific things she did to grow her own list, along with what worked and what didn't.

After going through the class I feel very confident that I will be able to grow my list and am eager to start. It was a great class. I highly recommend it.

As always, Jenny provides incredible value, and the bonuses were fabulous!

Life Coach, Ithaca, NY

“I have a plan and I KNOW it will work!”

I signed up for this class because I trust Jenny. I knew that she had gotten these results and did so with integrity, so I knew she would teach me to do that for myself. I loved the format, having the mix of audio and visual for the class.

During the class and immediately afterward I was able to outline action steps I need to take. Jenny gave me a plan that I can get started on. I appreciated having all of Jenny's tips and tricks and knowing that they work.

Certified Life Coach and Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Practitioner, Bothell, WA

“I have a clear action plan to grow my list!”

I signed up because I have a lot of respect for Jenny, know she's super smart, capable and talented, and that I'd learn a ton.

The best part about this class was how she presented the meaty content in such an accessible way. I also really appreciated that I was able to create an action plan with each step she covered during the call.

I'm in the process of redoing my site and anticipate my list growing much more quickly as a result of this class.

Certified Life, Weight Loss, and Mind-Body Coach, Wayne, PA

“This program definitely over-delivered!”

This was a great class and Jenny definitely over-delivered! What I liked best was the quantity of information shared as well as details on what worked and didn't work for her. Jenny gave great tips--ideas that will help me improve what I'm already doing and think better and smarter in the future.

Certified Life Coach, Pasadena, CA

“I love that Jenny shared exactly what worked for her.”

My favorite part was learning how to use advertising to get more subscribers. I love that Jenny shared exactly which ads worked for her (and didn't work for her) and why.

Board Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Counselor & Coach, Pennsburg, PA

“This was a really fabulous class!”

I was interested in building a subscriber list and didn't know where to start. I was hoping for fabulous ideas, and I got those plus lots of really useful "how to" info. It gave me lots to think about on how to create, segment, and make the best use of my list.

This was a really fabulous class. I loved how the class was organized, and I loved Jenny's energy enthusiasm.

Wellness Practitioner

“The list-building steps feel doable.”

I had no hesitations about signing up for this class. It was a great offer at a great price. The way Jenny presented the material made the steps doable. And now I'm excited about making a great giveaway for people to sign up for my list. The format was very cool! It was a great class, and I loved Jenny's energy.

Certified Master Coach, Mt. Kisco, NY

“The bonuses are awesome!”

I loved Jenny's attitude and encouragement. The bonuses are awesome, especially the specific things she did. Because of this class, I now have big plans for building my list.

Published Author and Coach, Nevada City, CA

“I loved the behind-the-scenes anecdotes!”

I have been a word-of-mouth marketer for years, so learning how to save time using the internet was great. I loved knowing exactly where the subscribers came from and the behind-the-scenes anecdotes. This was a great class and a great value!

Financial Coach & Certified Financial Planner, Seattle, WA

“I loved the specific, concrete material Jenny covers.”

I loved the specifics--the concrete "what I did, how it worked" material that Jenny covered. I feel as I have a sensible plan to build value and build a list.

I signed up because I am planning a website and blog and wanted to get some background info I could use to get things going. I hoped for even one concretely helpful bit of information, and I got a lot more!


“I know how to grow my list!”

The class was very well organized and very clear. I've set a goal to increase my exposure, and this class is one of the many ways I'm accomplishing that goal. I really believe these tips will increase my list.

I already have a great idea for my freebie and I'm excited to create it. Jenny showed me that I can be authentic and goofy, AND informative and inspiring - just like I am.

Jenny rocks!

Certified Life Coach, Orchard Park, NY

“I have everything I need to build my list.”

Building a large list can be hard work, but Jenny breaks it all down to the basics. This program provided a fresh, updated approach to the tried-and-true list-building strategies. The combination of audio and visuals made it easy to learn and implement. And even though I already had a list of over 7,000 when getting Jenny's program, my growth had slowed. Jenny's program took me back to the basics and helped get my list growing again.

Marketing Maven, Minneapolis, MN

“These ideas can be implemented immediately.”

Jenny's information is always very thorough. She provides clear action steps and fantastic handouts. The ideas in this program can be implemented immediately. It was great!!

Founder, Tampa, FL

“I have a clear plan to grow my list.”

I'm new to online business, so I don't always know where to start. Jenny fixed that! She gave me concrete steps on what I need to do, and now I don't feel so aimless. I love having a list so I can go follow it. I have a clear set of steps I'm ready to take and I'm working on them!

Prenatal Fitness Expert and Mommy Strategist, Mill Valley, CA

“I wanted a plan to reach 1000 subscribers, and I got it!”

I hoped this program would give me a clear-cut solution to get 1000 subscribers. I absolutely got that and now have a plan to make it happen! I learned so much! I know that if I put all of what I learned into action, I can definitely grow my list to 1000 (or more). I loved the audio-visual format and taking time to create our own personal action steps during the program. Jenny rocks!!

Creative Advisor + Business Coach, Los Angeles, CA

“I got the list-building details I needed.”

Although I had been implementing a few list-building ideas, I needed some clear steps for doing even more. Jenny provided the details I needed. This program also gave me permission to promote myself! Now I feel confident in upping my marketing efforts, and I'm excited to keep growing my list.

Weight Loss & Body Image coach, Dallas, TX

“Everything is clear, super helpful, and inspiring!”

There were some ideas in this program that I had heard before, but the way Jenny explained them made it feel easier and more possible for me to implement. The information is so comprehensive that I could go back through it several times to keep learning and implementing more.

She teaches everything with a clear, super helpful, and inspiring approach. With her guidance, they now feel like a big list is within my reach. Jenny and her programs are great!

Writing Teacher and Mentor, Sebastopol, CA

“With these ideas in place, I don't see how anyone could resist signing up for my list!”

My favorite part in this program was the focus on what makes a truly appealing free opt-in offer. With the guidance from this program, I'm creating a brand new, super-packed, awesome, free sign-up bonus. After I have it up, I don't see how anyone could resist signing up for my list! I now understand what is required to build a list, so it's easier for me to maintain focus and keep at it!

Career Coach for Creative, Spiritual, and Entrepreneurial Women, San Francisco, CA

“I got 500 new subscribers in one weekend and I feel like I have momentum that I didn't have before.”

The best part of the program is the simplicity and how Jenny targets specific strategies that will grow your email list. Jenny pinpoints the most effective strategies. When I took action, I saw the magic in the simple steps Jenny recommends. So far, I have gotten 700 new subscribers which has brought my total list to 1300 and counting.

Owner, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“I already have 110 email subscribers (from 0 when I started the program).”

The program has been such an eye-opener for me and I share it with all my colleagues.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“It’s so simple, yet so effective.”

When it came to buying this program, I was hesitant at first. I wondered if it would be just the same stuff I've heard before, without really giving me the tools to move forward and get those 1000 subscribers. But as soon as I dove in, I knew this program was different.

So far, I’ve developed a freebie eBook, done a ton of guest blogs - one of which brought over 200 new subscribers within 48 hours! - and I'm now a lot more clear on the specific steps I need to take to keep growing.

I recommend Jenny’s program to anyone who's ready to not only build their email list, but use their list as a marketing tool to get more clients and make more money. Jenny doesn't just tell you how to attract people to subscribe, she tells you how to increase your sales in the process!

Business Confidence Coach, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“I’ve already seen a 50% increase in my subscribers!”

Right now, I’m in learning mode with my business, and have a budget specifically for training. It's important to me to spend those dollars wisely, so I wanted to be sure this wasn't a "fluff" course.

This program is wonderfully straightforward, simple, and actionable. It’s been a great help in developing my content, and starting to get my list off the ground.

Owner, The Bottom Line LLC, Kennewick, WA

“I can’t stop raving about Get Your First 1000 Subscribers to my colleagues and clients!”

Without Jenny and this program, I wouldn't have launched my coaching business so quickly.

I love that the program is structured in modules which I can refer to at any time. Each module is stand alone or works as a part of the whole list-building process. They’re set up so I can refer back whenever I need to, and I do!

Jenny has the ability to communicate exactly what works (and what doesn’t) in a way that anyone can understand and take action on. She keeps you focused on the end result and clearly leads you forward, step-by-step. I’m always clear on exactly what I need to do and how to do it.

Coach, Santa Cruz, Mexico

“It has helped me get consistent with my marketing and I am seeing progress!”

I hadn't had a lot of success with email marketing in the past but I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone with a small business. Jenny delivers very actionable lessons in an easy to understand format with plenty of detailed examples. I love that I can do the program at my own pace.

Founder, Horizon Peak Consulting, Northglenn, CO

“I love that Jenny gives real feedback about what actually works for her!”

This program is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to build their list. It shows you exactly what to do and how to follow through to get it done.

Founder of and This is How to Tech, Los Angeles, CA

“One action step from the program increased my list by 65%!”

Jenny has given me solid ideas for getting the word out and building my list. Her energy and personality are infectious! Get Your First 1000 Subscribers has all the fundamental information for the business owner, like me, who is ready to build their list. There is so much value packed into the modules and the program is just the right length to be effective. I have learned so much!

Unsticker of Stuckness, Baltimore, MD

“My list has already gone from 50 to 250 and my guest posts haven't gone live yet.”

I have taken so much from action as a result of Get Your First 1000 Subscribers! This program is very comprehensive. You will see results! Jenny provides very practical steps to building your email list.

Business Strategist, Melbourne, Australia

“I have gotten great feedback from my new subscribers and my list is growing regularly now.”

I've bought many programs in the past that provided poor content but I love Jenny's Get Your First 1000 Subscribers. She provides practical examples and ready-made templates that are AWESOME!

Brand Strategist and Web Designer, Gold Coast, Australia

“I totally recommend this program if you would like to find more clients.”

Taking this program has helped me generate a plan for when I launch my business and I feel uber-prepared. I'm confident that I'll be able to find customers who need my services. In fact, the program helped me get a promotion at work! My supervisors saw my enthusiasm for email marketing and moved me into a role where I can focus on that full-time. That has made the time when I am working even more fulfilling.

It's practical, modern marketing. It will give you the knowledge you need to get your business in front of the eyes of the people you want to serve. And Jenny makes the journey fun with her cheerful energy and savvy know-how!

Writer, Lafayette, IN

“My list grew from 250 to 700 in less than 2 months with the structure outlined in the program. I plan to hit 1000 in another few months.”

I love how simply and straightforward this program is, in true Jenny Shih form! She breaks down every single step into tiny yet actionable ones to ensure I keep moving forward.

Since joining the program, I’ve hosted a free call and am about ready to host another. I’ve pitched myself for several guest blogs and have been accepted by LKR Social Media and NBC Chicago! NBC wants me to be a regular contributor! I’ve also updated my free offer and have a system for sharing it on social media regularly.

List-building has been essential to helping me make more money in my business. I’ve now had 3 $10,000+ months in a row thanks to Jenny and her program. I finally feel like everything is falling into place!

Creator Of Authentic Selling & Sales Coach, Bentonville, AR

Here’s the best part: the moment you begin building your list, you begin building your business.

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